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How does it work?

For partnership programs

You have any questions about the system/payments, would like to offer your suggestions for improving the service, or express interest in working together, we will be happy to help you answer your question and discuss your ideas.

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  Full suite of tools for creating thumbnails with the option of uploading to and downloading from the client’s server and creating screenshots from a video clip, an easy-to-use cropping system and a powerful, smart algorithm for image improvement.

  Lowest price in the industry: only 8 cents per thumbnail. Huge discounts for processing bulk orders from 5,000 thumbnails

  Individual approach: our specialists are happy to complete the entire cycle of thumbnail processing for you


  When you switch to ThumBoom, your adverts will gain exclusive access to the system at an attractive price, regardless of the number of thumbnails.

  Accounts are paid for y the partnership program based on sales made by the webmaster. That rewards active AWM’s, who are provided with a unique tool for working with thumbnails.

  We offer universal scripts and settings to ThumBoom and the partner program, as well as complete statistical data on the webmaster’s activity within our service.


Saves time!

All you do is, specify URLs of galleries, content directories, pics or videos in any combination—and the content is quickly uploaded from the source server on to ours, and can be downloaded after being processed. Save your time and traffic.

Select the image, resize and select the view to make into a thumbnail—all in one click. Flexible parameter settings help you create the thumbnails you need.

Thumbnails are processed by a smart script that analyses each image individually. Dark, faded, blurry images, excessive red or yellow tones—each problem will be dealt with using a custom algorithm and you will always get a good result.

Client Feedback

We’ve been working with the ThumBoom team for over a year. That fact alone proves the guys are doing a great job. In addition to the high quality of the work, I’d like to commend them on how much attention they give to each order. They are always willing to figure out exactly what you need and deliver the best results. Keep up the good work!

From: DE
Company: KLIK
I’ve worked with ThumBooma few times and was always happy with the result. Lately the service has improved on the technical side. Their recent updates have greatly expanded capabilities for users. Highly recommend.

From: Lanvin
What made me become ThumBoom’s client? The reason is simple—you get great thumbnails at a low price. But an even better reason is that I save time working with the service. The advantages are evident.

From: Rojo
Company: Diesel Action

Consider this…

Do you really think that only manual processing gives high quality thumbnails and that’s why you used to pay a designer up to 50 cents per image? You’re sure that your rotator and server Image Magic does a good job of processing and cutting thumbnails?

Now try processing low and medium quality content and DVD screenshots using our service. Process the same source files that used to be processed by your designer. Compare and you will realize that in the majority of cases overpriced manual processing is a waste of money.

Want to have exclusive screenshots to videos? Nothing couldn’t be simpler. ThumBoom lets you break the video up to 5 Mb in size into picture frames, choose the shots you like, crop the logo and black frames in needed, and then process them using our smart image enhancement algorithm.

Latest Updates

May 17, 2007

Simplified process of uploading processed thumbnails on to the client’s server

Instead of giving the full path to the folder on the client’s server, now you can simply specify the path from the login point to the folder for content upload. Another new option allows you to upload processed thumbnails on to the client’s server without saving the catalogue structure.

April 05, 2007

New option for editing the format of the text file attached to the thumbnail archive

Now you can personally set up format of information on processed thumbnails. Using a chain of variables and separators, you can now set up the info file format to be used by any rotator.

March 21, 2007

New option for creating thumbnails from a video

This option will be especially helpful for webmasters who prefer to work with unique content and not just what partner program offers. Supported formats—URLs of video galleries, video directories, direct links to videos. Max. video size: 5 Mb.

February 15, 2007

Improved system for analyzing source image

Once again, we have improved the algorithm for analyzing source content. Red and yellow toned pics, as well as dark images are not classified more accurately. The result is higher quality processing of thumbnails.

January 09, 2007

New option to add URLs of galleries with descriptions

Available format: URL | description. Once the task is processed, descriptions will be saved as a txt file attached to the thumbnail archive in the following format: Thumbnail size/Thumbnail name | URL | description.

December 17, 2006

New option to upload processed thumbnails on to the client’s server

Once the thumbnails are processed, you can upload your archive, sorted archive (thumbnails are sorted into folders with saved paths per source URLs) or thumbnails in folders on to your FTP server.

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